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Why Monitoring + graphs

  1. Monitoring performance of System, Network or Applications nowadays is a must for serious administrators.
  2. Additionally graphical representation of past and present performance data helps not only administrators to recognizing anomalies and trends, but also helps pinpoint bottlenecks or use the information as an aid in budget planning
  3. If you want to check how the system performed during your absence (Weekend, Holiday, etc). The best you can do is have a look at the graphs.

Why KISS principle for monitoring system

  1. see  KISS Wikipedia entry, that will answer many of your questions
  2. simply said to keep the monitoring system as stable as possible
  3. makes it easier to maintain bugs/patches/upgrades
  4. see simple  KissImage for setting up your monitoring system

Can I use the images at N2RRD/Sysnetmon website created by Diglinks

  1. Yes, the images are FREE, but not for selling.
  2. CSS3MENU images are from, please read their licenses are mostly (GPL,LGPL)
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