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If you install YAL in /usr/share/nagios-local

an upgrade to nagios doesn't affect YAL installation

YAL = Yet Another Look

Step to get YAL it working:

  1. cd to /usr/shareand
    1. extract tar file YAL-1.0.tar.gz

      will create nagios-local directory, if you have one already extract somewhere else
      rename it as you like and move it to /usr/share

  2. cp /usr/share/nagios-local/YAL/lcd.cgi to your cgi-bin and modify it to reflect banner menu etc..
  3. modify /usr/share/nagios-local/banner.htm to point to lcd.cgi
  4. enable SSI in your server
  5. e.g. Apache server I've for /usr/share/nagios-local Directory block
    # <Directory "/usr/share/nagios-local">
    Options Includes
    XBitHack on
  6. chmod +x /usr/share/nagios-local/banner.htm
  7. you have to enable Index handler for .htm files as YAL files are ending as .htmI've DirectoryIndex index.htm index.html index.html.var
  8. Modify /etc/nagios/cgi.cfg physical_html_path=/usr/share/nagios-local
  9. in Apache conf file for your nagios, modify
    Alias /nagios "/usr/share/nagios-local"
    <Directory "/usr/share/nagios-local">
  10. finaly copy /usr/share/nagios-local/YAL/ledmarquee.gif your HTML document root
  11. Restart apache/httpd
  12. to make your own banner/side menu, following files has to be modified
    1. /usr/share/nagios-local/banner.htm1
    2. /usr/share/nagios-local/middle.htm1
    3. /usr/share/nagios-local/side/dtree.css
    4. /usr/share/nagios-local/side/dtree.js
    5. /usr/share/nagios-local/side/dtree_data.js
    6. /usr/share/nagios-local/images/diglinks_*

dTree package is from inca case you would like to update the one comes with YAL

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