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As pointed above click to see the graphs, well you may have to wait for sometime, so that atleast two samples are available for RRDTOOL.

Post installation and configuration

Disk Usage convert to Bytes

You might notice, with default setup the graphs are showing wrong values, this happens as the data stored in RRD is just a number and rrd doen't know if the input is

KB, MB, GB, TB, etc. The solution is to store the data as Bytes and the graph shows the data properly. For hits you have to enable options "DYN_DS_CONVERT_TO_BYTES" in n2rdd.conf.

vi /etc/n2rrd/n2rrd.conf

Search for variable name "DYN_DS_CONVERT_TO_BYTES" and change its value from default "0" to "1" as show below.

Code Block
# If enabled: if a value has UOM=KB|MB|GB|TB|PB|EB (see nagios plugin development document for UOM definition)
# then will convert them to Bytes, which scales automagically when graphing
# allowed 0|1
# 0 = disabled
# 1 = enabled

You have to delete the RRD files if they were created before your changes to n2rrd.conf